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Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal

Everything I want to do is against the law. Everything I want to do is illegal. But I Do it anyways! Yeah, I do it anyways! Hey! [crazy synth pop drum break] [repeat chorus] /end

Mysterious Third Parties Are Speaking To You

You can’t tell where the sound is coming from. The day is night. The voice speaks. It sounds wonderful and confusing. I am outraged and delighted. Who is speaking? Is it evil or good? Or some new thing I am not aware of. Middle earth is for punk ass bitches. I Can Hear You! Can …

Please Use The Service Entrance

Hello Peter. Thanks for joining the team. We’re happy to have you. Please note: your contract requires that you ONLY use the SERVICE ENTRANCE when arriving or departing the office. Do not use the front gallery. Thank You. Thomas W. Sneddon Jr. is a cold man

Tell All Of the People About Him

The Triune God is stable AF.

Greta Thunberg

Crypto Response To Greta Thunberg

We’re with you! We want to see resources being allocated in a fair and ACCOUNTABLE way. We want to build underdeveloped countries so they do not require petrochemicals, fossil fuels and the nations that peddle these products. We want the priority to be building a future NOT bombs. We understand the fairy tale of eternal …

Dumb Army Grunt

All American Soldiers Fighting For The Benefit of Saudi Arabia Should Hang For Treason

Attention: All overrated officers and moron enlisted personnel. Don’t be a mindless grunt fuck.

Walk With ActionKid

ActionKid Walks and Talks for Your Pleasure

When I wake up in the morning I turn on ActionKid. He walks through New York City and comments on the local borough. I mean, basically he is reading the signs. At first, the genius of ActionKid is not immediately apparent. Let’s break down ActionKid’s appeal. ActionKid is a YouTube creator that posts walks, bicycle …

Funding the DOD To Fight The CIA is the Perfect Satanic Circle Jerk

All American Soldiers and CIA Operatives Willing to Fight and Die for the Benefit of Saudi Arabia Should Hang For Treason. 9/11 – I will never forget. You have already forgotten.

The great Satan

All Women Are Created Equal, even the ones from El Salvador

If you choose nationalism over basic human decency, or think your country’s sovereignty is more important than liberty, or take money from an insular military clique, you are going to burn in hell forever. This is the word of the Lord. #666 Finally, to all the roughnecks that say, “We can’t let all the foreigners …