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Spells Charms and Potions

Content For Bitcoin

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Where Are The Backpage Girls?

This would be a perfect place to post ads like the ones found on backpage.

The Lewis Powell Memo in Poetic Verse

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Get Paid For Blogging

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Andrew Bacevich The Age of Illusions – Career Military Men Finding a Conscious After Cashing DOD Checks

The author readily admits that he was an unthinking yes-man to American terror. A career military man. Then he describes how Academia saved him by opening his world to morality and critical thinking, as if his soldiering was a terrible nightmare. To have the audacity to call for a national service that would undoubtedly produce …

The Music of Deindustrialization

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Sustainable Music at

Only music that you like. Weird phrasings and guitar riffs for complex listeners. Carbon neutral. Up-cycled aluminum cans and amplifiers.