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The Music of Deindustrialization

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Sustainable Music at Winipple.com

Only music that you like. Weird phrasings and guitar riffs for complex listeners. Carbon neutral. Up-cycled aluminum cans and amplifiers. https://winipple.com/sustainable-fashion-and-music-at-winipple-com/


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Tony Santoro’s YouTube Botany Class – Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t

Interesting plants and what the shit. Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t It’s the best thing on YouTube.

Paula Cole Don't Give Up

Should We Allow Underage Artists To Be This Good and Sexy?

We may need boots on the ground in this country. Alba Armengou.  

Black Friday is a Disease

Black Friday is For Moronic Consumer Zombies Who Believe in Santa Claus Capitalism.

You will die a perverted husk of slimy condom. Used by the dirty holes of corporate capitalism that rule your life and control your money. You are a fucking disease.

Content For Bitcoin

Share your charms, exchange your points for bitcoin. It’s like getting paid.

Consumerism Is Better Than Nationalism

Living a beer commercial lifestyle is more acceptable than pledging allegiance to a militant clique. Consumerism + Nationalism = USA –> burn in hell Consumerism and Nationalism Death-cult moron machine from Satan.