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How To Trade Bitcoin For Monero Easy FIFO order book. Buy and sell forms for simple swaps of your favorite cryptocurrency.

The Music of Deindustrialization

Christian Winipple Buy a t-shirt with bitcoin and monero. Best selling t-shirts with your Amazon account. In A Jar by Christian Winipple    

Fabric Softener- For When You Want to Smell Like a New Box of Sanitary Napkins

These chemicals smell like shit. That’s why you should douse all of your freshly washed clothes with Fabric Softener. Don’t forget Fabric Softener– For When You Want To Smell Like a New Box of Sanitary Napkins.

Sustainable Music at

Only music that you like. Weird phrasings and guitar riffs for complex listeners. Carbon neutral. Up-cycled aluminum cans and amplifiers.


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Science Reveals Seasonal Decorations Are For Morons

A recent scientific study has found that people who buy seasonal decorations are delusional zombies of the Corporate State and tend to score very low on IQ tests.

Personal Voodoo Manifesto Against Corporate American Force

I am against American corporate forces. Fuck all the troops that fight for Wall Street monopoly money. Fuck the officers and moron enlisted who kill for debt peonage and neofeudalism. With this manifesto it is my intention to conjure up real and magical armies against the Corporate State and the mindless zombies that fight for …


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The DOD is a Satanic Death Cult

Hell bent on worldwide destruction. Death to America, Death to America. Ensure Defense contractors are paid Ensure Defense contractors are paid The only thing America makes is overpriced weapon systems and Wall Street monopoly money. Ensure Defense contractors are paid Send the money to Satan and his demon spawn. The United States Department of Defense. …