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I am a community member for a Privacy-focused cryptocurrency project named Pirate Chain. I am reaching out to discuss adding our cryptocurrency as a private payment option.  Firstly, we are a cryptocurrency project designed with the mission to protect personal financial privacy. There is a significant and growing demand for private payment options.

Pirate Chain’s algorithm requires 100% non-optional, private only zk-SNARKs transactions. Hence, for the first time in the cryptocurrency industry, our $ARRR cryptocurrency is driven by an algorithm where it is impossible to know or track who sent a transaction, how much the transaction amount is, and who received the transaction. Add to that, no one can see the balances of the addresses and thus, this creates the perfect anonymous currency. Privacy is not Pirate Chain’s only outstanding feature. Pirate Chain is also additionally secured by Bitcoin’s network using delayed Proof of Work.

In fact, Pirate Chain was praised at MoneroKon for having the “best anonymity set” in the industry, and Pirate was also praised publicly on twitter by the ZCash team for having the best privacy. You can find out more about Pirate Chain at our website:

Coinpayments has recently required KYC from all merchants and has high charges. Pirate Chain uses CryptoCurrencyCheckout, which is a free-to-use payment gateway with no fees, and more importantly, has no KYC requirements. We would be excited to have a private payment option on your site as will many other privacy-focused users. We are glad to work with you from a developer and promotion standpoint. We will assign members of our team to dedicate support to your website in managing the ARRR payment channel.

Please join us the financial privacy movement let us know of how we can be of value to your operations.


Thank you very much,


(username: Wookie25 of Pirate Chain)

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