Visits: 80 This video originally published to Google, Youtube, Alphabet LLC and BANNED, CENSORED, REMOVED. Publish date: 10 MAY 2021 NOTICE: Freedom of expression and speech violation: FIRST AMENDMENT. I AM HEALTH AUTHORITY and GOOGLE YouTube Alphabet LLC is now DISSOLVED of all protections under the law. YOU WILL PAY. Just as my prophetic song… Continue reading NEW SONG AND UPDATE video

A Rough Shaking by George MacDonald book review

Visits: 71A Rough Shaking by George MacDonald I think I’ll put down the fantasy for awhile. This book, a nice tale about innocent child (Clare), and wicked world that God has preordained on all of us. These wicked people. They see you, recognize you immediately, and they pray to their god. I see them pray.… Continue reading A Rough Shaking by George MacDonald book review


Visits: 133YOU MUST GIVE AN ACCOUNT The system is finished. We have inherited lies. It’s over. Rejoice. The reign of The Wicked is finished. I went into the Most High with Father. Upon a large throne, with leopards, tigers, and a large grizzly bear patrolling the perimeter, was the One Truth. The obvious power… Continue reading THE GREAT ACCOUNTING IS HERE


Visits: 71Removing trees by Apocalypse Cabin and temporarily placed a barrel under the roof overhang. It rained the following day, and the barrel was completely full of fresh, clear, rainwater. I began to formulate a better system to capture the rain. This project will also solve a drainage problem on the East side of Apocalypse… Continue reading RAINWATER HARVEST


Visits: 166The best way to MEASURE DECENTRALIZATION is to ask yourself whether or not the “organization” can be subpoenaed (meaningfully) by the GREAT WHORE OF BABYLON. How many developers will they have to kill or arrest to SHUTDOWN the service? How many operators will they have to incriminate or assassinate before the system is INOPERATIVE.… Continue reading HOW TO MEASURE DECENTRALIZATION


Visits: 60Have you ever flown with your Father over the beach? It’s perfect. I’ve done it. What more can I ask for? Today, in the deep woods on my Goldwing, I saw the most beautiful Israelite with child. I’ll try the ride again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, weather permitting. I’m doing… Continue reading HOW ARE YOU DOING?

BURN DAY – Apocalypse Science

Visits: 53Burn day. Collecting and staging brush pile for burn. Controlled burns by ‘forestry‘ service ongoing. Deep brown haze. They burn hundreds of acres in one fire using country roads as boundaries. The roads have recently been resurfaced with green oil. I’m assuming the green is additive to petroleum base for “better performance”. All alchemist… Continue reading BURN DAY – Apocalypse Science