Cold Stratify Your Stone Fruit Seeds. Apocalypse Science – Grow Barrel Greenhouse

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Today I prepared my peach seeds for cold stratification. Planting them in rich potting soil and setting them in the dark for winter dwell time.

You can do this with your fridge at home. Put your peach seeds in a large ziplock bag with well drained potting mix. The mix needs to be wet but not soaking. Place the bag in your fridge and count 90-120 days.

Little peach trees in your fridge. Take them out and plant them.

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Form of Peach Trees.

Here’s a nice chart for you.

Not all seeds require stratification. The ones that do are generally those of the tree species.

Fruit TreeTime (days)Temperature (F)Temperature (C)
Pear60 to 90404
Apricot60 to 70457
Apple70 to 80404
Cherry90 to 140404
Peach120 to 130457

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