Proof of Financial Responsibility by Lockheed Martin. Clif High – Alphabet – Corporate Science – Techno Space

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Lockheed Martin is fighting Raytheon on the Moon. Clif High affixes his spike protein pure sleep Ruach spirit craft to his C-60 backpack. He flies off the face of the firmament, on course for Lunar Surface.

Space force policy officers flash red and blue lights, black and white Ruach craft with massive neutrino strobe gleaming in Clif’s rear view mirror.

“What’s the problem officer?” Asks Clif.

“License and space force registration.” Says the space officer.

Silver Lockheed Martin badge on lapel. Laser beam star wars gun on belt, with space force issued billy baton.

Space force corporate policy administrator by Lockheed Martin.

Clif wonders if his proof of financial responsibility is up to date. The space officer runs his plate.

“Sir, your stickers are out of date.” The Lockheed Martin moon force space officer bellows.

“The Warren’s GEICO Buffet has rejected my claim. I’m unable to keep my Ruach craft under current sticker requirements.” Clif replies.

Just then, a Raytheon space cruiser arrives on scene. A Raytheon corporate policy officer steps out of his reversed engineered policy cruiser. His jack boots shine like tesseracts on a crystal orgone. His Raytheon badge hangs boldly from his cassock.

“Hold it right there!” Yells the Raytheon space force policy administrator.

“You’re out of jurisdiction.” Replies the Lockheed Martin space officer.

While the space policy enforcers are arguing, Clif engages his hyper drive and escapes into hyperspace.


Elohim worship cult owns Lockheed Martin.
Elohim worship cult owns Raytheon.
Elohim worship cult are the UFOs.

Clif High


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