The Prince and The Pauper by Mark Twain – book review

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I was fearful this book would be a terrible reminder of our Disney hellscape, croney crapitalism, changing places, freaky Friday, Cinderella garbage story. Even the fine vaccinated morons at Pixar couldn’t mess this up.

Mark Twain is a master. His writing is transcendent. In this time of great revelations (of morons exposing themselves to corporate poisons and life long face mask wearing) this fine story of throne usurping and capital punishment is a joy to read.

I’ve never seen the Disney version of this story. Did they include the counterfeiter boiled alive in hot oil? Or, the two women burned alive for witchcraft? Methinks these scenes were removed on behalf of the mouseketeers.
a note: Europeans selected these capital punishment methods to circumvent the biblical requirement of NOT spilling the blood of man. Boiling and burning being a clever Gentile form of death engineering.

It makes me wonder if Twain would be opposed to dipping Bill Gates and the Blackrock board in boiling oil for their obvious crimes against humanity?

I digress, this excellent story is just what one needs to forget the children in face masks and the CDC telling the morons to sacrifice themselves and their families in the name of pseudo science. Good luck morons. You’re all going to die.

Some of my highlights:

Delphi Complete Works of Mark Twain (Illustrated) by Twain, Mark

Book last read: 2021-04-11 21:59:26
Percentage read: 8%

Chapter 135: Chapter XXVIII. The sacrifice.
Chapter progress: 7.77%
Highlight: Now am I finely tinselled, indeed! The spectre-knight of the Kingdom of Dreams and Shadows is become a spectre-earl — a dizzy flight for a callow wing! An’ this go on, I shall presently be hung like a very maypole with fantastic gauds and make-believe honours. But I shall value them, all valueless as they are, for the love that doth bestow them. Better these poor mock dignities of mine, that come unasked, from a clean hand and a right spirit, than real ones bought by servility from grudging and interested power.
Notes: The hero speech against the matrix.

Chapter 138: Chapter XXXI. The Recognition procession.
Chapter progress: 7.85%
Highlight: Tom Canty gazed abroad over the surging sea of eager faces, and his heart swelled with exultation; and he felt that the one thing worth living for in this world was to be a king, and a nation’s idol.
Notes: Celebrity demons of the united states.

Chapter 139: Chapter XXXII. Coronation Day.
Chapter progress: 7.94%
Highlight: It is perilous to the State and to us all, to entertain so fateful a riddle as this; it could divide the nation and undermine the throne.”
Notes: Fakery be revealed.

Chapter 139: Chapter XXXII. Coronation Day.
Chapter progress: 7.97%
Highlight: Never was a company of people so perplexed, so interested, and so stupefied, before.

Notes: The ignorant masses upon revelation.

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