The Regression of Science. Secret space program. Dead end religion. Techno Space

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Let’s make a list.

  1. Children in face mask. Science failure.
  2. Pandemic of vaccinated. Science failure.
  3. SR-71, skunk works of almost a century ago.
  4. Concorde. DOA
  5. Moon landing. Heavy breathing on microphone.
  6. Particle physics. Dead end science
  7. High fructose corn syrup – food of the gods.
  8. botox – botulism for your face.
  9. laser printer – paper tray is empty.
  10. 3D printing – hot plastic mess.
  11. DNA – alphabet soup for morons.
  12. please add to this list of scientific dead ends.

Science is a failure. Academic garbage people, your endowment is over.

Many of you will say, “The missing science is on the moon via their secret space program.”

But No. There is nothing.

There’s no third-way being developed behind our backs, no underground cities of Oz, no colony of space rangers living off world, NASA is a bungled fakery, the moon landing is loud breathing on expensive microphones. There is nothing behind the cheap facade of Science. Zero zip nada.

But you do have a screen in your car and a regurgitated Howard Hughes story.

Science is dead.

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