Typee by Herman Melville book review

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Typee by Herman Melville Book Review

This is life before THE FALL. Typee by Herman Melville. Imagine life on a tropical island of paradise. The breadfruit hangs thick in the bows of verdant trees. Fresh water springs are lined with herbs and vegetables. Complete harmony with nature. No taboo in the family. No taboo in the tribe.

If New Earth (The New Kingdom), is not exactly like what Herman Melville describes in this exciting book, then I don’t know what to tell you.

If this isn’t heaven, how would you describe it?

Cannibalism with secret society ConneXion. Typee by Herman Melville

Life before THE BEAST, “Euro-Colonialism” – The Pilgrims, banksters, boaters, bullshitters, were somehow able to steal everybody’s land, claim sovereignty over everything, rewrite all our history, change times and laws, create value out of debt, and sell resources that are NOT THEIRS.

Have a nice swim in the LAKE OF FIRE.


Some of my highlights:

Complete Works of Herman Melville by Herman Melville

Book last read: 2022-05-17 16:01:00
Percentage read: 4%

Chapter 15: CHAPTER II
Chapter progress: 0.48%
Highlight: Unsophisticated and confiding, they are easily led into every vice, and humanity weeps over the ruin thus remorselessly inflicted upon them by their European civilizers.

Chapter 16: CHAPTER III
Chapter progress: 0.58%
Highlight: Very often when lost in admiration at its beauty, I have experienced a pang of regret that a scene so enchanting should be hidden from the world in these remote seas, and seldom meet the eyes of devoted lovers of nature.

Notes: No travel without vaccine passport

Chapter 16: CHAPTER III
Chapter progress: 0.59%
Highlight: It is rather singular that the title should have been bestowed upon them exclusively, inasmuch as the natives of all this group are irreclaimable cannibals.
Notes: CDC

Chapter 17: CHAPTER IV
Chapter progress: 0.62%
Highlight: Why, it was really refreshing even to think of it; and so I straightway fell to picturing myself seated beneath a cocoa-nut tree on the brow of the mountain, with a cluster of plantains within easy reach, criticizing her nautical evolutions as she was working her way out of the harbour.
Notes: Manifest your reality

Chapter 17: CHAPTER IV
Chapter progress: 0.67%
Highlight: It is strange the power that a mind of deep passion has over feebler natures.

Chapter 22: CHAPTER IX
Chapter progress: 1.41%
Highlight: calabash

Chapter 29: CHAPTER XVI
Chapter progress: 2.37%
Highlight: There were none of those thousand sources of irritation that the ingenuity of civilized man has created to mar his own felicity.

Chapter 30: CHAPTER XVII
Chapter progress: 2.51%
Highlight: How captivating is a Peruvian lady, swinging in her gaily-woven hammock of grass, extended between two orange-trees, and inhaling the fragrance of a choice cigarro!

Chapter progress: 2.72%
Highlight: The minds of these simple savages, unoccupied by matters of graver moment, were capable of deriving the utmost delight from circumstances which would have passed unnoticed in more intelligent communities.

Chapter 32: CHAPTER XIX
Chapter progress: 2.88%
Highlight: The native strength of their constitution is no way shown more emphatically than in the quantity of sleep they can endure. To many of them, indeed, life is little else than an often interrupted and luxurious nap.

Chapter progress: 3.2%
Highlight: An unbounded liberty of conscience seemed to prevail.

Chapter 37: CHAPTER XXIV
Chapter progress: 3.38%
Highlight: When I remembered that these islanders derived no advantage from dress, but appeared in all the naked simplicity of nature, I could not avoid comparing them with the fine gentlemen and dandies who promenade such unexceptional figures in our frequented thoroughfares. Stripped of the cunning artifices of the tailor, and standing forth in the garb of Eden, — what a sorry set of round-shouldered, spindle-shanked, crane-necked varlets would civilized men appear!

Chapter 37: CHAPTER XXIV
Chapter progress: 3.39%
Highlight: This marvellous whiteness of the teeth is to be ascribed to the pure vegetable diet of these people, and the uninterrupted healthfulness of their natural mode of life.

Chapter 37: CHAPTER XXIV
Chapter progress: 3.41%
Highlight: The juice of the “papa” root, found in great abundance at the head of the valley, is held in great esteem as a cosmetic, with which many of the females daily anoint their whole person. The habitual use of it whitens and beautifies the skin.
Notes: Commercial exploitation idea.

Chapter 39: CHAPTER XXVI
Chapter progress: 3.62%
Highlight: The disquieting ideas of theft or assassination never disturbed them.
Notes: CIA

Chapter 44: CHAPTER XXXI
Chapter progress: 4.29%
Highlight: I at once concluded that it must have some connexion with the recent festival;
Notes: Connexion ~ secret society x code.

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