New York City Travel Diary 2024.

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I went to New York City when I was twenty something. Met some friends there. We walked around the city, took the train, had a slice, went to a bar, got lost, took a cab, and ended up back at their little apartment. It was the perfect NYC trip. I simply had to follow my friends. They took me through the turnstiles and pointed at the sights. I turned off all navigation concerns to focus completely on the smells and rush of New York City.

What does the city say to somebody like me?

The people, the smells, the sounds, the walking, the trains, the water, the boats, the buildings. Vaccine Passport required.

I have a very similar story for Washington DC. Trains, museums, wonderful smells, . The capital is a hunger-games set-piece requiring face mask and vaccine passport. Quiet on the set! Sold out corporate goons.

I’ll be a horse’s ass if I register for your digital ID system, apply for social credit, transact with central bank digital currency (CBDC), cover my face with slave mask, AND/OR take mystery corporate pharma fluids.

Your systems WILL FAIL for excluding the most POWERFUL PEOPLE IN SOCIETY.

The people with working brains.

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