NO TURNING AROUND. Apocalypse Science

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I was driving a nice vehicle through a verdant forest path. The trees reached around the road, small streams with severe sides carefully compassed.

The drive was extremely gratifying, and I thanked The Father in multiple incantations, hoping my gratitude allows a more perfect life. So far so good.

I was navigating a challenging crevasse in the road when all of a sudden a massive LION stood perpendicular to my path of travel.

Alarmed at the strength of the glistening cat, I thought it best to communicate no ill-intent, and slowed to stand-off.

The prideful beast grew larger and larger, closer and closer, looking right at me.

I was dismayed, the car was stuck in gear, the break pedal slammed down to the floorboard without any slowing.

The car swiveled on vertical axis, spinning around like a teacup storm. Thinking it a miracle, I began to pray.

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