Starting Good Cult – Get in on ground floor

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Starting (good) Cult – Get in on ground floor

Have you ever wanted to be a top deputy in the coolest organization? Sit at board meetings in top councils?

This is your opportunity. I’m going full (good) cult leader, and you can be my vice deputy chairperson.

In the coming days:weeks:months:years, I will introduce myself and list the extensive qualifications I have to be your leader.

For example, I am smarter (99 percentile), more gorgeous, joyous, outrageous, harmonious than you.

And so, you will be encouraged to follow me and my good teachings.

Listen to me when I speak, DO NOT INTERRUPT ME OR ATTEMPT TO SILENCE ME. Follow my instructions when given, and do the things I say. It will be a good cult.

Please reply if interested in being in (good) cult. Room for advancement, must be proficient at doing everything I say (only righteous stuff, like digging ditches, planting food, and butchering beef).

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