The Bible and Your Annunaki Alien Lord book review. Techno Space Religion

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The Annunaki created Adam to tend their garden of Eden and mine gold for their home planet Nibiru.

Dr. Enqi, the Annunaki’s chief medical officer, genetically created Adam, mixing his blood with that of an ape-man.

The Annunaki elite were displeased because birthing the Adam required goddess birth mothers, Annunaki women. So Dr. Enqi impregnated his woman, Dr. Ninti, with a mixture of his genetic material and DNA from Adam’s rib.

The rest is history. Self replicating Adam’s. Half-breeds and malcontents. Not god or ape. Just middle born slaves.

Using scripture to prove we are genetically engineered by The Annunaki.

[Zecharia Sitchin] Genesis Revisited

BTW – Adam in Hebrew means earth and blood. Adamah- a genetic mixture of Annunaki blood and earth-born ape people.

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