About Them – Techno Space Religion

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They have cells from multiple organisms.

They share much of their DNA with primates, pigs, and fruit flies.

Their star is white and cold.

Their planet turns in endless orbit.

Like our tiny blue speck, but a red speck.

Infinite space goes on forever and ever.

It takes faith.

Techno Snake Religion.

They came here in ships. A small invasion force.

They wanted our women and girls.

They took our women and girls.

They especially like the sweetmeats around the liver and kidneys.

Something about the burning flesh gave them adrenochrome trips.

The Gans were incredible gardens with never ending fruit harvest.

The Adamites made wine at several liters tribute per day.

Sounds great. I think I may be one of them.

Then she messed it all up.

She slept with the Snake.

Now we all worship the Snake whether we like it or not.

Resulting organism causing revolution and reformation for two-thousand years.

Techno Snake Religion.

Shooting for the stars and beyond.

Techno Space Religion.