The Green Pearl by Jack Vance Book Review

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Princess Glyneth is trapped in a tangent world.

The Ska woman turns out to be a dud.

Melancthe the witch is an empty frock.

Aillas rules Troicinet with his sun, Dhrun.

The Persilian Mirror portends a NEW KINGDOM.

The green pearl is a curse to the touch.

Aillas is forced to send a beast to rescue his woman.

She falls in love with the beast.

The beast is killed.

It’s a man’s world.

The King of Lyonesse prefers catamites.

I form my manse in the clouds.

Far above The Elder Isles.

I arrive only for harvest in the guise of a grandee with saber and dagger.

Black velvet doublet with silver buttons and crimson cravat.


The Green Pearl by Jack Vance

Disgusting Romans have got to go.

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