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Walk With ActionKid

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When I wake up in the morning I turn on ActionKid. He walks through New York City and comments on the local borough. I mean, basically he is reading the signs. At first, the genius of ActionKid is not immediately apparent. Let's break down ActionKid's appeal.

ActionKid is a YouTube creator that posts walks, bicycle rides and local New York City information. It's episodic content that can be ingested without a lot of thought or consideration. I can leave the walks on and glance over as I get the morning started.

ActionKid keeps it moving. I don't have to worry about ActionKid getting stuck in a rut. Although most of the walks are similar, New York City provides an endless amount of content and people watching opportunity.

The audio isn't a sonic chore. I think it would be difficult to capture clear, non-annoying audio when filming in the city. ActionKid's audio setup is crisp and clear and extremely interesting with headphones. Plus, ActionKid provides a cool video explaining his film and audio setup!

I showed my brother some ActionKid. He watched for a few minutes and said, “Nothing special about this. I could do it.”

And here is the brilliance of ActionKid. Yeah sure, anyone can walk around a city with a gimbal mounted GoPro. The difference is: ActionKid is doing it!