All Women Are Created Equal, even the ones from El Salvador

The great Satan

If you choose nationalism over basic human decency, or think your country’s sovereignty is more important than liberty, or take money from an insular military clique, you are going to burn in hell forever.

This is the word of the Lord. #666

Finally, to all the roughnecks that say, “We can’t let all the foreigners in! They cost too much money!” I say to you, the DOD spends trillions of unaccountable dollars implementing fake wars, paying fake weapon engineers, and making careers for overrated officers and moron enlisted slaves. Your argument is INVALID.

This is the word of Satan. #666

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  1. I hear ya. Overly patriotic dweebs think their country is worth it.

    Lemme tell ya. Your country won’t pay you to kill or systematically deny asylum to another human unless you are getting paid by the, “Insular Military Clique”

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