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Final After Action Report:

System checks complete. Trailer rides like a dream. Rear view camera displays perfect portrait of asset during travel. (image forthcoming).

Departure time selected. Is it Holy to pray about getting my asset back? I don’t know, but I’m going to pray anyways. Godspeed and safe travails.



Departure 10FEB2022 0800 Sky clear. Temp 45 Dewpoint 57 Altimeter 29.99

It was a perfect Texas Winter day. Deep blue skies, the clearness of eternal space above, dark paint on the top of the dome.

Arrival zone PACKED FULL of face mask wearing morons. Many of them look red, with beads of sweat on their forehead. The people are NOT WELL.


Arrival time 1300. Location required relocating one vehicle. Asset staged in garage and ready for transport.

I attached the ramps to the trailer with 1 inch ratchet strap. DO NOT ATTEMPT to use aluminum ramps without connecting ratchet straps to trailer.

Additional payload placed in truck. Several five gallon buckets and jar collection.

Added air to bike tires, check at 40 psi. I road the bike around the block, checking things out and looking great.

I decided to aim right for the loading ramp.

Loading one thousand pound asset on trailer.

I readied myself, allowing custom made- ‘load_ramp’ function to take over process stack.

It was over before it started, and I was perched atop the trailer, front tire pressed against trailer bar. Perfect.

I allowed two hours for tie-down. Tying it down one way, not satisfied, and retying.

Heavy duty ratchet straps on front forks attached to lower rail on trailer. This locks the front tire to the trailer, allowing complete travel of bike suspension.

Departure Time 0900 12FEB2022 Sky clear. Temp 53 Dewpoint 62 Altimeter 29.98.

Many face mask people in departure zone. Several gestures aimed at men, because men wearing a face mask are weak, and filled with terror, and need to be publicly admonished for their TOTAL LACK OF SELF RESPECT.

Light traffic in major metropolitan area. Smelled like dead animal around University Hospital.

Three stops required for return trip, checking the straps each stop, ratcheting here and there if I suspected slack tension. During fuel stops, it was a pleasure to see people’s faces, and not see worthless face mask people.

Arrival time 1400 11FEB2022. All is well APOCALYPSE CAMP-OUT.

Delicate ‘backup_trailer’ procedure executed first try without delay.

Asset untied and unloaded.

Watch that reversal down the ramp! It’s a doozy!

Asset now proudly made-ready at new location.

Thank you Father.

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