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Follow on report:

Removal of trailer from storage complete. Very delicate procedure with SCAG. Note for future SCAG operator. Acquire 2″ ball hitch and mount to front rail for easy payload maneuvering.

Heavy duty ramps cut clear from storage with angle grinder. Superficial surface rust from leaky storage container reported. Inspected and passed material exam. Issued all clear for mission. Heavy duty ramps determined inappropriate for mission specs. Aluminum ramps will be used instead.

Aluminum ramps inspected, staged, prepped, and packed for mission.

Sleepers and tie-downs inspected and packed.

Air pressure checked and holding at 32 psi.

Hitch assembly lubricated.

Jack stand lever lubricated.

Box truck damage discovered after backing into tree. Damage area cleaned with mineral spirits and lacquered.

Galvanized scaffold couplers found in storage. Remove and place in proper location (5 gallon bucket).

Final after action report to follow.

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