Apocalypse Science – Collecting My Urine.

Apocalypse Science – Collecting my urine. Why are you collecting your urine? I bet you’d like to know. Building fermentation tea for nutrient rich broth. Peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and melons seem to enjoy it. Extreme righteous wizardry. Dearest Father, The UV is working perfectly. Thank you for answering prayer. The system is rapidly being destroyed.… Continue reading Apocalypse Science – Collecting My Urine.


I heard the thunder of a machine. Far off on the steel gray horizon, shrouded by the gloom of threatening rain, came the sound of a flying locust. Are they coming for me? Do they hate me so much, has my face mask refusal, non-stop incessant REVOLT against corporate injections (MRNA AIDS), lockdowns, THE FEDERAL… Continue reading LOCUSTS UPON THE EARTH


Removing trees by Apocalypse Cabin and temporarily placed a barrel under the roof overhang. It rained the following day, and the barrel was completely full of fresh, clear, rainwater. I began to formulate a better system to capture the rain. This project will also solve a drainage problem on the East side of Apocalypse Cabin.… Continue reading RAINWATER HARVEST


I had my first pleasant dream. A dream filled with smiles, and laughter, and fellowship of some sort. It was all pleasantly confusing. The people were smiling, and I felt extremely gratified, and I could tell they felt comfortable with me, and did not believe in the face mask. I woke up. Dark and cold.… Continue reading SWEET DREAMS


Burn day. Collecting and staging brush pile for burn. Controlled burns by ‘forestry‘ service ongoing. Deep brown haze. They burn hundreds of acres in one fire using country roads as boundaries. The roads have recently been resurfaced with green oil. I’m assuming the green is additive to petroleum base for “better performance”. All alchemist know… Continue reading BURN DAY


Final After Action Report: System checks complete. Trailer rides like a dream. Rear view camera displays perfect portrait of asset during travel. (image forthcoming). Departure time selected. Is it Holy to pray about getting my asset back? I don’t know, but I’m going to pray anyways. Godspeed and safe travails. ASSET RECOVERY COMPLETE MISSION ACCOMPLISHED… Continue reading ASSET RECOVERY FINAL