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Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal

Everything I want to do is against the law. Everything I want to do is[…]

Mysterious Third Parties Are Speaking To You

You can’t tell where the sound is coming from. The day is night. The voice[…]

Please Use The Service Entrance

Hello Peter. Thanks for joining the team. We’re happy to have you. Please note: your[…]

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  • Hello Peter. Thanks for joining the team. We’re happy to have you. Please note: your contract requires that you ONLY use the SERVICE ENTRANCE when arriving or departing the office. Do not use the front g […]

  • PLEASE FORWARD: Field House 6 Berth 17a
    Encampment overrun with vermin. Ammunition running extremely low. All supplies at full ration.
    DO NOT send enlisted morons.
    Time sync: UTC0023443287

    WARNING: 30.8 […]

    • boner replied 2 weeks ago


    • hello @Frankhon

      I need to know how this app handles my most sensitive images and sexytime pictures with the animals and such. Lemme know.


    • Mr Molina,

      On behalf of Pepper.Works and ALL individuals who include themselves in the GREAT ENLIGHTENING, please be advised:

      The protocol for GLOBAL RESET is imminent. The money you speak of will be meaningless in the very near future. At your discretion, please contribute the Life Insurance claims thusly:

      1/8 of the premium should be spent lavishly on celebration
      1/8 of the premium should be used to purchase chemical based lubricants
      1/8 of the premium should be burned to the Goddess Nubuoka
      1/8 of the premium should be invested in city composting
      1/8 of the premium should be laundered through your local farmers market
      1/8 of the premium should be withheld for petty cash
      1/8 of the premium should be sent directly to this address:




    This communique is sent directly from the Ultimate Authority. The contents herein countermands ALL directions and orders you have received to date; or ever will receive until […]

  • The record goes round and round

  • The Triune God is stable AF.


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It’s really nice to get to know a crypto wizard. They value fungible on-chain transactions. What a revolution.

Christi Winipple

North South UNI

The spell was cast, a dark shroud of mystery revealed itself. Now, I understand what it means to own the future! It’s a feeling I relish over and over again. Thanks Pepper.Works!

Lucy Pratt

Tangible Assets LLC

It’s not the first time I hooked up on Pepper.Works – and it won’t be my last. All of the wizards on this channel understand me. I hope it lasts forever.

John Doe

Acme Corp