Blockchain as TIME ORACLE. Techno Space – Apocalypse Science

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I accept Monero and Bitcoin. Don’t think I haven’t thought about the deadly consequences of blockchain assets.

In fact, WE cyberphunks have been testing your blockchain tech for the last TEN YEARS.

Hear me out:

The SNAKE doesn’t like to be told WHAT TIME IT IS.

The SNAKE wants to control time.

A time to bolt.

A time to blossom.

A time to wither.

A time to die.

The snake desires TIME ORACLE.

With the combined efforts of large compute network, deus ex machina (blockchain) can conscript power to drive time through simpatico oscillations of crystal chips on silicon wafer. (Measure in hash-rate)


These crystal wafers, when conscripted into process TIME ORCALE, birth new timeline, TECHNO SNAKE TIME.


I’m serious. Try leaving your clocks off network.

digital clocks DO NOT SYNC when LEFT OFF NETWORK.

aSynchronous Time Dilation Using Crystal Silicon Oscillations

Blockchain is TIME ORACLE.

Blockchain’s primary function is to CARRY TIME FORWARD.

One block at a time, deep hash rates on digital oceans.

Each wavelength a splash of accountability.


Do you think SNAKE TIME ORACLE is okay?

‘insert poll here:

Blockchain as TIME ORACLE. Techno Space – Apocalypse Science

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