Adding Roles

Views: 270Can you not see what is happening? The policies put into place by our corporate/government overlords will eliminate most of the issues you describe. IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE: “First-world” populations cannot access legacy banking refusing to take part in medical apartheid. Entire segments of working class people unable to engage with ‘transaction’ services… Continue reading Adding Roles

Measuring Decentralization and Distribution on a Network

Views: 94What is digital scarcity? How do you measure decentralization and distribution? What is the network signal/force of Hash Rate indicating to others? Do you perceive value in a form of accounting that transcends The Federal Reserve? Who are the like minded individuals who would lend their Daemon for the common good? Decent, law abiding… Continue reading Measuring Decentralization and Distribution on a Network


Views: 119New York City has fallen. Los Angeles has fallen. Portland has fallen. BREAKTHROUGH CASES is VACCINE SICKNESS THE VACCINE IS THE WEAPON The narrative is complete bullshit. Masks mandates are for losers. Attempts to lockdown and shutdown the economy in effect. CHILDREN IN FACEMASK IS TORTURE MOST ARE WILLING TO COVER THEIR FACE IN… Continue reading COVID MEMOIRS AUG 2021

LILITH’S BROOD Octavia Butler book review

Views: 129Who are the beings that seeded earth? Where are they? Are they among us? Are they hybridized ape people? Can you discern the ancient lineage just by looking? I’m getting old. Not unlike my complaint with Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Sower, this book is heavy on amorous propositions at inoperative times and… Continue reading LILITH’S BROOD Octavia Butler book review