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Ragtime by E.L. Doctorow

Knowing your propensity for evil, understanding the genetics that births Corporate/State zombies capable of horrible human suffering, maybe you should read a book? Probably you are just a terrible person.

Read a book.

The truth is stranger than fiction. That’s why E.L. Doctorow’s historical fiction is the best. Wrap your head around the first American sex symbol, Evelyn Nesbit, and her scandalous affairs in New York City.

Evelyn Nesbit 1900

Welcome to the 1912 Lawrence Textile Strike where the national guard prevented the children of Lawrence Massachusetts from boarding a train to escape worsening strike conditions.

Look it up! Part of the joy of reading the text is knowing you can search it on wikipedia.

JP Morgan tries to convince Henry Ford they are magical gods sent from ancient Egypt. Ragtime pianist, Coalhouse Walker, was roughed up by a racist gang of volunteer firemen. He became a vigilante hero when he took justice into his own hands.

Pure genius. Seriously fun storytelling. I can’t get enough. Ragtime by E.L. Doctorow.

Spells Charms and Potions

Hiram is My Homey and other Ridiculous Thoughts on The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates

It’s enough ignorance to make you cry. Especially when speaking to all my white friends, in my white city, with my white family, the shame and guilt of White Evil is covered over like an English Mystery.

What genocide? What horrible pillaging? What the fuck are you talking about? Stand up for the goddamn pledge of allegiance! Freedom isn’t free. It costs three of your best slaves.

If you’re still here, allow me to tell you about The Water Dancer by Te-Nehisi Coates.

What a lovely novel about the Antebellum. Just like Gone With The Wind except with African Americans. [sic]

Pepper.Works Press

The shame, the absolute disgust, the context– it’s pure profit. Written down in leather binders that list my property. The tobacco crops are failing. I must sell some slaves.

Call the lead slave guy, tell him to sell the slave children. But, sir! You mustn’t sell Hiram, he is my homey.

Separating families for profit is the pinnacle of society. Cull the old ones, dress the attractive ones, put the useful ones in the field. Above all, make a profit.

Of course, the white woman saves the day. Corrine, the abolitionist, rides in on her uppity white money and saves ole’ Hiram. Good for her. Where the white women at?

Freedom is a goddamn yoke. Well, it’s better than slavery.

This novel is one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

My double helix burns white hot. I know the low white world. I would celebrate the slave holder, envious of ownership, the status of the master, the richness of owning a person and selling their family.

Call it sin. We are certainly born into it. Any effort to change the system will be considered a direct attack on Jesus.

Man is born into sin and cannot be considered free and/or equal.

All ignorant mothers and pro-slavery sluts.

“Oh honey. War is written in the bible. You can’t stop paying for it.”

Fuck you and fuck your ridiculous bible.

Read this book, The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Spells Charms and Potions

A People’s History of The United States by Howard Zinn and How To Make an Extremist With Books

Well, it probably started with Kurt Vonnegut. You know the feeling deep down in your gonads that something is not right. Why the hell is the world like this?

And so you go from book to book, and in my case, a deep dive into fantasy sci-fi because confronting the evil of the world is too much to think and/or read about. Getting lost in space is much more palatable to a white heterosexual male than facing the atrocities of White English Evil.

Many of Mr. Vonnegut’s books are listed in the science fiction genre. A note to future librarians and book publishers that may be sympathetic to Evil State atrocities: You should probably take Mr. Vonnegut’s books out of sci-fi where they are much more apt to land in the hands of impressionable young boys. God forbid the lie continues. The truth needs to be covered over, as it has been for centuries, so the massacre can continue in the name of justice, duty, national sovereignty and what the shit.

Enter The People’s History of the United States, recommended by Mr. Vonnegut, “Every home in America should have Howard Zinn’s book, A People’s History of The United States.”

And so my interest was piqued and I went about finding this book for myself. The Jesus Ghost that sits on my shoulder and whispers virtue into my ear was concerned.

“You shouldn’t read this smut. It will only upset you and make you violent.” Jesus said to me.

It’s true. I am very sensitive and probably shouldn’t expose myself to the truth. But I was stoic and have recently cleansed my reading palate with the excellent slave book by Ta-Nehisi Coates, “The Water Dancer”

If there is a gateway drug for white people to see the world in red white and blue it is this book. A quick read about slavery and you are ready to accept the devil into your soul.

Hiram is my homey…  what’s next?

Oh my god. It gets way worse. A People’s History of The United States by Howard Zinn

Enter Satan. Enter the extremist. Oh Sweet Satan, you are certainly the one pulling the strings. I am at Your Mercy. Amen.

Spells Charms and Potions

Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal

Everything I want to do is against the law.

Everything I want to do is illegal.

But I

Do it anyways!

Yeah, I do it anyways! Hey!

[crazy synth pop drum break]

[repeat chorus]


Spells Charms and Potions

Mysterious Third Parties Are Speaking To You

You can’t tell where the sound is coming from. The day is night. The voice speaks. It sounds wonderful and confusing. I am outraged and delighted.

Who is speaking?

Is it evil or good? Or some new thing I am not aware of. Middle earth is for punk ass bitches.

I Can Hear You!

Can You Hear Me?

One sided conversations are for narcissists and Gods. This mysterious voice is pissing me off!

Stop Talking!

Your non-stop droning is really bumming me out.

Stop Talking or I Will Be Forced To Take Drastic Action

This is your last chance. Stop talking right now or I will use force.

Too Late. You’re Dead

Spells Charms and Potions

Please Use The Service Entrance

Hello Peter. Thanks for joining the team. We’re happy to have you. Please note: your contract requires that you ONLY use the SERVICE ENTRANCE when arriving or departing the office. Do not use the front gallery.

Thank You.

Thomas W. Sneddon Jr.

is a cold man


Requesting Backup by Agent Redacted

PLEASE FORWARD: Field House 6 Berth 17a


Encampment overrun with vermin. Ammunition running extremely low. All supplies at full ration.
DO NOT send enlisted morons.
Time sync: UTC0023443287

WARNING: 30.8 million PQE

Paranoia Quotient Environment is failing to admin.
Paranoia Quotient Environment is failing to admin.
Paranoia Quotient Environment is failing to admin.
Paranoia Quotient Environment is failing to adm28`26r9

The Alpha/Omega Communique



This communique is sent directly from the Ultimate Authority. The contents herein countermands ALL directions and orders you have received to date; or ever will receive until you are discharged.



//message end
//signed #UltimateAuthority

if you received this message in error PLEASE FORWARD TO:


Turnstyle Traffic

The record goes round and round

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Tell All Of the People About Him

The Triune God is stable AF.