Views: 43Today and tomorrow will be perfect weather days. To show respect for creation, I will rest all day Saturday. That means I’ll do no work. Only the most pleasant actions. Movements for The Lord only. I’ll build a fire for God, drawing a circle in the thick leaf mold. I will divide the circle… Continue reading MY PRAYER IS A SWORD

Nimrod Tower of Death – CORPORATE SCIENCE

Views: 63Building scaffold for security light access. Twenty feet high. Too high for my ladder. I must construct a galvanized steel scaffold to safely access the wires from the conduit. I believe the connextion is corrupted/corroded. I am not Nimrod, nor am I a Babylonian god attempting to tower the heavens through the cult of… Continue reading Nimrod Tower of Death – CORPORATE SCIENCE


Views: 395Big sturdy looking man at the gas station. Perfect day with refractions of the changing sun everywhere, no wind. I could see his huge feet under the truck as he made his way to the rear of the trailer where I would have a chance to see his entire person. His form came into… Continue reading MASK PLAY


Views: 803Father, please protect me on the roof. And please send love to all my neighbors. I hope they have extra food and supplies for inevitable collapse. In your precious name we pray. Almost done assembling petroleum based roof material. Looks real nice. I hope it doesn’t leak. Looking like a nightmare out there. Grown… Continue reading PROTECT GMO PEOPLE


Views: 62Bought 12 gallons of petroleum based lubricants today. We must keep our machinery in top shape for imminent societal collapse. All hands on deck. When the time is right we’ll melt our rifles into farm equipment. DO NOT TRADE YOUR RIFLES FOR PLOWSHARES. The demise of vaccine beast system people only a few weeks… Continue reading I AM HEALTH AUTHORITY


Views: 44Father in high heaven. Please, if it is your will, exterminate all Pharmakia freaks. They are making the children wear face mask and demanding Beast system implementation. We know that you gave us free will to make righteous decisions and choices. I choose your kingdom, and not the kingdom of Bill Gates, nightmare vaccine… Continue reading CORPORATE STIMULUS AT WAR

Carrying Dead Weight

Views: 62Bought roofing materials yesterday. Three tab composite shingles of the brown variety. Thirty packages that must weigh a million pounds. It was a real pleasure directing the box store people to set the massive pallet down inside my badass box truck and drive it to my property. You can reduce man’s achievement to carrying… Continue reading Carrying Dead Weight

That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis book review

Views: 48Three cheers for C.S. Lewis and the prophecy of That Hideous Strength, the final book in The Cosmic Trilogy. C.S. Lewis is here with us now. Let’s witness THE END in real time. Strange energies from space (The Awakening), mystery vaccines by immutable corporations, genetic manipulation inside chimera MRNA ‘technology’. This is the way… Continue reading That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis book review