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Month: March 2020

Content For Bitcoin

Support The Troops Killing For Corporate Bailouts

Remember all the idiots killing for anonymous corporations.

Where Are The Backpage Girls?

This would be a perfect place to post ads like the ones found on backpage.

Support The Troops Dying for Corporate Bailouts and The Federal Reserve

Remember all of the idiots that died for the corporate elite.  

COVID-19 Memoirs of the Working Class

Calling the bank. Attempting to get mortgage payment deferred. I have enough food to last 14 days. They still allow free access in our designated tract-home sector. School is canceled. The neighbor’s kids are restless. The rosiness in their ignorant cheeks a foreshadow of the sickness to come. Toilet paper rationing and panic buying has …

Exchange Your Points For Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Game on Pepper.Works

Create content. Get points. Trade your points for bitcoin on the exchange.

Satan is Calling For Corporate Bailouts, All Who Heed The Lord Will Be Rewarded

From The Lord Himself: “All humans who fear me, all animals who anoint me, you will see heaven here on Earth. Continue funding the corporate state that insists on sucking the people and the planet dry. I love it.” This is the word of the Lord.

The Lewis Powell Memo in Poetic Verse

I love you, money. I love you. Money money money. I love you. I love you. I love you. Money, money, money. I love you. Money. Please make more. This poetry the exclusive rights of Pepper.Works