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Visits: 403American calls out fellow countrymen during height of PANDEMIC HOAX. Video originally published and BANNED by Youtube: NOV 2020 Alphabet Inc.gov et al. NOTICE: You are hereby dissolved of all power and authority.BREACH OF CONTRACT 1A.MalfeasanceRacketeeringFRAUDCOLLUSIONCORRUPTION

Free e-book – Covid Memoirs

Visits: 86History is written by the victors. Thanks to Americans for standing against the COVID SCAM, temperature check points, contact tracing, vaccine passport, corrupt medical officials, fake health authorities, The FBI, CDC, WHO, Facebook, Google, Youtube, and Alphabet Inc.gov. YOU ARE LOSERS. WE WIN. Free e-book brought to you by Pepper.Works First of a kind… Continue reading Free e-book – Covid Memoirs

Covid Memoirs

Free e-book brought to you by Pepper.Works

First of a kind review of the unprecedented COVID SCAM.

A middle aged man living through the COVID SCAM. USA.

Terror, lies, and fear.
Covid Memoirs, a marvelous historical offering.

Covid Memoirs Vol 1
by Peterldg

Sensitive Injections – Covid Memoirs

Visits: 48YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE Alphabet Inc.gov As a sovereign individual of America. I do hereby denounce all of your mandates, directives, and illegal maneuvers. You are hereby served under the following indictments: CorruptionCollusionFRAUDMalfeasanceRacketeering Whereas the following summons is served to ALL participants in COVID SCAM; Alphabet Inc.gov and subsidiaries. I humbly request that… Continue reading Sensitive Injections – Covid Memoirs

DOD vs PharmaCIA Super Boss – Alphabet Inc.gov – COVID MEMOIRS

Visits: 327The power and glory of the DOD is well worshiped in The States. Our democracy spread most efficiently at the business end of Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and General Dynamics weapon systems. Fully outfitted Boots on Ground soldiers of fortune. You would think that would be enough to dominate the world, but it IS NOT.… Continue reading DOD vs PharmaCIA Super Boss – Alphabet Inc.gov – COVID MEMOIRS