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  • Ongoing novel in real time.
  • Prayers to vanquish enemies.
  • Spirit worship for righteous lifestyle.
  • Cleansing chants.
  • Daily thanks.
  • Disgruntled demigod.

Weekly updates.
Readings, writings, and arithmetics.

Safe for children.
Ween from breast milk.
Begin victuals.

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Teach the people. Train the flock.

Online subscription service.
Humanities instructor.
Spiritual, new age, gospel.
Candles, incense, and oil paintings.
Online Subscription Education.
Classical training.
Facts and common lies.
Redressing fallacies.
Rebuking wicked.
Communication Expert.
Reinforced logic traps.
Education and Learning.

Subscription Service Document v1.0
by Pepper.Works

The purpose of this document is to log and publish my findings.

All characters are fictional, all information speculative.

At no time shall you consider me a doctor or financial expert.

I am not associated with occult magick.

I take no responsibility whatsoever.

You must not sue me in a court of law.

If you do, I have the right to demand adjudication in public forum, with peers of my choosing.



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