The Tower Of Babel Moment by Joseph P. Farrell – book review

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The amazing evidence of linguistic monogenesis, one mother language of the planet from ancient prehistory purposely confused by God to stem the power of the people. Linguistic punctuated equilibrium; the leap of language that matches the strides of evolutionary development exactly.

Matching petroglyphs from around the world, similar stories that codify the scattering of language and culture. The twists and turns of prehistory and our current climax of humanity.

The battle of the Titans, Gigantic warriors of Nimrod, of Saturn, of Ea the sun god. United by one language– one singular intention, a mathematical thought — to build a Tower that harnesses the power of earth, the physics of the solar system, the toroidal forces of our entire galaxy!

Tower of Babel Moment by Joseph P. Farrell

omg!  what a read!

A fantastic journey of discovery and world expanding speculation.

One of the best things about reading Joseph P. Farrell are his bibliography references. A treasure trove of educational booty. The large format of this physical book; I felt like I was reading the prospectus of a grand company, or some custom folio made purposely for my singular purview.

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