City by Clifford D Simak book review

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Leave the City. Don’t look back. You’ll be a pillar of salt for eternity.

What is this book about? I was made to believe that TRANS-HUMAN is something new.

COVID parishioners, solving pathetic lives with corporate fluids and perpetual injections. MRNA TRANS-HUMAN INOCULATION.

It turns out the TRANS part of HUMAN is SATAN’S plan to kill us. And people like Clifford D Simak have been telling us about it in stories like City- first published in 1952.

I don’t know if this makes Clifford Simak a prophet or a demon harbinger of predictive-programming hell?

  • The humans leave earth for a TRANS experience on Jupiter.
  • The dogs leave earth for a TRANS experience in hell.
  • The mutants leave earth for a TRANS experience in hell.
  • The robots leave earth for a… robots cannot have TRANS experience.

Is there a way to take the TRANS out of this train?

Please GOD. Help us.

Some of my highlights:

City by Clifford D Simak

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Percentage read: 100%

Chapter 6: 1 City
Chapter progress: 10.58%
Highlight: The success of such stunts as that was its appeal to mob psychology and civic loyalty. You can’t have civic loyalty with a city dying on its feet. You can’t appeal to mob psychology when there is no mob—when every man, or nearly every man has the solitude of forty acres.
Notes: Return to wilderness

Chapter 6: 1 City
Chapter progress: 11.64%
Highlight: The city as a human institution is dead. It may struggle on a few more years, but that is all.
Notes: Leave the cities

Chapter 6: 1 City
Chapter progress: 13.23%
Highlight: You mean,” said Taylor, “that you told the truth. Even when it cost you your job. The business world, not only here, but all over the world is not ready for that truth. The businessman still clings to the city myth to the myth of salesmanship. In time to come he will realize he doesn’t need the city, that service and honest values will bring him more substantial business than salesmanship ever did.
Notes: New Earth

Chapter 8: II Huddling Place
Chapter progress: 24.34%
Highlight: No one, so far as he could determine, had ever so much as realized the trend, had taken as matter of course the fact that men seldom left their homes. Why, after all, should they leave their homes?
Notes: Separate from the wicked

Chapter 8: II Huddling Place
Chapter progress: 26.46%
Highlight: He wondered vaguely, whether agoraphobia could be fatal.

Chapter 10: III Census
Chapter progress: 29.63%
Highlight: There was no more reason for the township government three hundred years ago than there is for a national government today.
Notes: Dissolve the CDC

Chapter 12: IV Desertion
Chapter progress: 45.5%
Highlight: Maybe we are the morons of the universe.
Notes: Covid mask people

Chapter 14: V Paradise
Chapter progress: 49.74%
Highlight: Men who had become true individuals with no need of society, no need of human approval, utterly lacking in the herd instinct that had held the race together, immune to social pressures.
Notes: Mutants

Chapter 16: VI Hobbies
Chapter progress: 57.67%
Highlight: The others, long ago, had gone to Jupiter. Had gone to Jupiter and changed themselves into things that were not human.
Notes: MRNA inoculation

Chapter 16: VI Hobbies
Chapter progress: 61.9%
Highlight: And the five thousand who had stayed behind or who had been left behind suddenly found themselves the masters of a world that had been geared to the millions, found themselves possessed of the wealth and services that only months before had been the wealth and services that had been due the millions.
Notes: Left behind

Chapter 18: VII Aesop
Chapter progress: 78.84%
Highlight: The robots went their way and the Dogs went theirs and they did not question what one another did, had no curiosity about what one another did.
Notes: AI

Chapter 20: VIII The Simple Way
Chapter progress: 86.24%
Highlight: Earth wasn’t big enough, they said, to hold everyone. And a lottery, they pointed out, was the fair way to decide which of them would go to the other worlds.

And, after all, they said, the other worlds would be almost like the Earth.

Chapter 20: VIII The Simple Way
Chapter progress: 93.12%
Highlight: and you put some poison in it…slow poison so it wouldn’t work too fast.

The simple way of poison, Jenkins said. The very simple way.
Notes: Death vax

Chapter 22: Epilogue
Chapter progress: 97.35%
Highlight: an empty symbol of some misplaced ambition, of some cultural miscalculation.
Notes: Western medicine

Chapter 22: Epilogue
Chapter progress: 100.0%
Highlight: Once there had been joy, but now there was only sadness, and it was not, he knew, alone the sadness of an empty house; it was the sadness of all else, the sadness of the Earth, the sadness of the failures and the empty triumphs.
Notes: Covid death religion

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