Introducing Yourself Incorrectly. Deceiving Your Neighbor

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You are meeting a new neighbor. You’re happy to meet him. He is a nice man, with droopy blue eyes and gray hair combed neatly on his head.. You feel like you share some sort of heritage together.

He tells you he’s been there for twenty years, “My wife and I are Christians.”

You smile, and hope he means the good kind of Christian. In the next moment you accidentally deceive your neighbor. You attempt to reply to his statement of belief.

“I also believe in the Father.”

“What did you say?”, The kind man interrupted.

You wanted to be genuine, and tell him, that you are also against EVIL, SIN, and disgusting debauchery of all types. So you replied, “I also believe in The Father.”

The kind man looked at you, waiting. You looked at him with pleading eyes, as if to say, I’m trying my best to follow “THE LAW”. Faith can only get so far. YOU MUST FOLLOW HIS LAWS in order to make it.

The kind man exited the conversation and went back to his home.

You failed to tell your kind neighbor anything about “His Son and Holy Spirit.”

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