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Father, please protect me on the roof. And please send love to all my neighbors. I hope they have extra food and supplies for inevitable collapse. In your precious name we pray.

Almost done assembling petroleum based roof material. Looks real nice. I hope it doesn’t leak.

Looking like a nightmare out there. Grown men in face mask. Children forced to cover face in deference to corporate science.

If you are to have everlasting life, you must repent and return to the living light. Vax people cannot re-enter The Kingdom.

If you are vaccinated, our prayers are with you. We love you. But you cannot travel with human family any longer. This is where we part ways. You are now GMO changeling. The human family must leave you.

Inhuman corporate beast people will go his way. There, they will be annihilated, turned into flaccid grays. The same grays that attempt to abduct HUMAN DNA, before going FULL HYBRID. The same grays currently abducting the planet with MRNA “technology”.

Farewell GMO people forevermore.

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