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Content For Bitcoin FAQ

What is Pepper.Works?

Redeem your points for bitcoin!

  1. Create content
  2. Get points
  3. Trade your points for bitcoin on the exchange

Tip your favorite author in Bitcoin, Monero, and Pepper.Works points. Choose your favorite content creator and send them your love (crypto).

Meet and become a crypto wizard on Pepper.Works.

High Council crypto wizard
Pepper.Works Crypto Wizards

What can you exchange on Pepper.Works?

We are currently trading the following pairs:
BTC_XMR bitcoin/monero
BTC_PWP bitcoin/Pepper.Works Points

FIFO order book. Prices in bitcoin.

How do I get Pepper.Works Points (PWP)?

Check out the game rules for a list of actions that payout Pepper.Works Points (PWP). If you create content, you get points!

How do I exchange (PWP) Pepper.Works Points for bitcoin?

Login, look around, post something interesting.

Redeem your PWP points!

Exchange for bitcoin!

Current exchange rate: 1 PWP = 100 Satoshis

Why Pepper.Works?

I wanted my email address to be Peter at Pepper.Works!

Do you think this FAQ is long enough?

Yes. peace
Pepper.Works is brought to you by:
blockchain investment group