Carrying Dead Weight

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Bought roofing materials yesterday. Three tab composite shingles of the brown variety. Thirty packages that must weigh a million pounds. It was a real pleasure directing the box store people to set the massive pallet down inside my badass box truck and drive it to my property.

You can reduce man’s achievement to carrying massive weights around the planet and allegedly into “space”. To experience a tiny fraction of man’s power, driving the dense roofing material across town in my truck, is manifest destiny.

Yet, we still can’t reproduce the Pyramids or any of the massive megalithic structures of deep antiquity. Egyptian slaves built them with bronze hammers. That’s what they want us to believe.

Magic Bullets, Fossil Fuels, Egyptian Pyramids, and Fake History. I’m making a list you damn devils.

Yes, all of this has happened before, on a much more fantastic scale than we can imagine. We are about to be labeled the “modern” civilization of morons that decided to inject the populace with mystery corporate sterilization fluid.

And that’s how the modern age ended, they will say, by their own “scientific” hubris and endemic ignorant populace. God bless.

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