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Father in high heaven. Please, if it is your will, exterminate all Pharmakia freaks. They are making the children wear face mask and demanding Beast system implementation. We know that you gave us free will to make righteous decisions and choices.

I choose your kingdom, and not the kingdom of Bill Gates, nightmare vaccine corporate capital genocide system of hell. God bless.

The absolute incoherence of Corporate Beast vaccine passport nightmare system HAS GOT TO GO. Burn it down if they are in favor of vaccine passport system.

God bless the righteous people of the planet. You are about to sacrifice everything in the name of God.

This fucked up corporate capitalism is OVER. You can have your Pharmakia magic bullshit. It’s all over for your systems.

Nobody is going to take your QR code vaccine passport system, at least, nobody worth saving.

Bye bye. And hello New Earth. Get ready. The meek are the inheritance.


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