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All of a sudden a great crack in the dome. From the gaping maw of the dark firmament appears the Elohim. He is bound in unbroken light, surrounded by a wheel of emerald. On his breast, illuminated from within, the urim and thummim burns like hot embers.

He is holding a great sword of unimaginable power. Cutting through solid bullshit, fake science, vaccine people, vaccine mandate people, vaccine passport people, face mask people, lock down people, social distancing people, contact tracing people, beast mark people, FAKE MONEY FORCES et al.

chariots of god

Why have you done this?” The Elohim questions the wicked.

They scatter and bolt like frightened rabbits from a thicket.

There’s nowhere to run, there’s nowhere to hide.

The Elohim makes quick work of all the above peoples.

The Earth is cleansed and set anew.

New Kingdom.



Techno Space


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