The Human Bubble by Gregory Mannarino IS BULLSHIT

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The Human Bubble by Gregory Mannarino IS BULLSHIT

When Gregory Mannarino says the uncontrollable debt based slave system of our central bank is responsible for population “bubble”, he certainly is RETARDED in his thinking.

How is it, Mr. Mannarino, that our trillions of debt dollars, sent to industrial death corporations like our beloved DOD, secret space ranger CIA wars of plague, assassination, and death; how could any of the things we buy with our fake money be considered positive for population growth?

What I’m trying to say is this: If our trillions of debt dollars were spent on fake wars and garbage science, how does this contribute to THE HUMAN BUBBLE (population problem)?

We all know our system, especially here in the USA, from the DOD to our FOOD PROCESSING and MEDICAL FACILITIES, are HARBINGERS OF DESTRUCTION, DISEASE AND DEATH.

The debt based money system DOES NOT PROMOTE LIFE. It does not create healthy living persons. IT DESTROYS THEM.

Your HUMAN BUBBLE is bullshit. The debt based money system is being used for DEATH and DESTRUCTION, not “population bubble”.

Think of the health benefits of REAL SOUND MONEY.

The destruction of central banking will be the best thing that ever happened to HUMANITY (human bubble).

Keep doing your thing, Gregory Mannarino, your population problem DOES NOT FRIGHTEN ME.

Are millions of people going to die? YES. Central bank corporate partners will make sure of that.

I love your work, Greg Mannarino, and consider you a powerful voice speaking against a system straight from SATAN.