Bill Gates and Warren Buffet Want To Kill Us

Hits: 0 NPK – Your dead body is great fertilizer Electroculture – root growth with EMF Weather manipulation This is a story about a girl named Lucky. She’s so lucky. She’s a star. But she cries at night because she’s SICK FROM THE VACCINE. THE FOOD IS POISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Phosphorus vs Aluminum – Phosphorus is good… Continue reading Bill Gates and Warren Buffet Want To Kill Us


Hits: 1 WHAT’S HAPPENING This video originally published to Google, Youtube, Alphabet LLC and BANNED, CENSORED, REMOVED. NOTICE: Freedom of expression and speech violation: FIRST AMENDMENT. I AM HEALTH AUTHORITY and GOOGLE YouTube Alphabet LLC is now DISSOLVED of all protections under the law. YOU WILL PAY. This gentleman reads from the Bible. His CONSTITUTIONAL… Continue reading ALERT UPDATE HAPPENING NOW


Hits: 1 NOTICE OF ONGOING TRUTH INVERSION: Covering your mouth and nose is “HEALTHY”. Pharmakia (MRNA AIDS) is “HEALTHCARE”. War is Peace Boy is Girl True is False Freedom is Slavery Life is Death (WHO) Religion of Scientific Materialism (CDC) ALL LIES SATANIC LANGUAGE INVERSION The INVERSION of TRUTH will KILL YOU. Do not deny… Continue reading NOTICE OF ONGOING TRUTH INVERSION