Commie Prisoner in their Corporate Camps. Alphabet

Views: 30It’s okay if you have to be a Commie Prisoner in their Corporate Camps. I understand. I am one of you. FORCED TO DEAL WITH COMMIE MOFOs. Alphabet They are everywhere. To the left. To the right. Sound off, soldiers. Sound off, lads. We are PRISONERS IN THEIR CORPORATE COMMIE CAMP. Please HELP… Continue reading Commie Prisoner in their Corporate Camps. Alphabet

What is the GROW BARREL by Pepper.Works

Views: 57The GROW BARREL is a design of my creation that incorporates hydro/aquaponics, auto bell-siphon, and deep grow-bed technologies. The sound of the bell siphon like a verdant waterfall. Nutrients in porous crags of pleasant pebbles, the music of moving water. The roots of your plants alive in oxidizing rivers, feeding from even tide of… Continue reading What is the GROW BARREL by Pepper.Works

Free e-book – Covid Memoirs

Views: 52History is written by the victors. Thanks to Americans for standing against the COVID SCAM, temperature check points, contact tracing, vaccine passport, corrupt medical officials, fake health authorities, The FBI, CDC, WHO, Facebook, Google, Youtube, and Alphabet YOU ARE LOSERS. WE WIN. Free e-book brought to you by Pepper.Works First of a kind… Continue reading Free e-book – Covid Memoirs


Views: 68The people that believe the “news” will think the technology can’t be trusted because our wicked politicians and “investment firms” used it for “money laundering“. All of our illegal wars up to this point did not require elaborate money laundering systems outside of their own (Federal Reserve) zero accountability, NO oversight, criminal banking systems.… Continue reading FTX SCAM for MORONS


Views: 82If you want to see what the techno space religion has in store for the transhuman people, I gladly offer my own website as an example. It uses “digital currency” for “engagement”. However, in place of an OPEN SOURCE “token” like XMR Monero, they will provide their own, centralized, social/carbon credit tracking system.… Continue reading WHY DO THE ALPHABET.GOV PEOPLE HATE US?

The Blockchain Deception

Views: 35The Blockchain Deception Is the blockchain a perfect record of all transactions on the network? Yes. Does that sound like a devilish beast system? Yes. Folks, we have to be smart about this. Why are we keeping a record of transactions? ACCOUNTABILITY. That’s why they are so frightened. (and trying to kill us) Accountability… Continue reading The Blockchain Deception