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The dream was awash in a deep blue, the kind you see in The Pacific Ocean. Dark black-purple, a color my friend Kabra called, Burple.

I was with my family on a small boat in the middle of the Sea. We were launching from a large ocean liner. Sounds of moving chain, wind in the rigging, cresting waves below. It was exhilarating and a little scary. We were being heaved over the side of a massive ship, into the deep burple waters below.

The women were visibly frightened, the men were attempting to be stoic. The initial movement of our little boat was jarring. Our weights shifted in the little craft, we listed heavily towards the ocean below. At that moment, everyone in our boat knew there was no going back. After launching over the side of our ocean liner, we could never return.

The wild blue ocean water will be our only conveyance.

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