A big THANK YOU to all lizards at the FBI. Alphabet Inc.gov

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Had it not been for your rookie goons appearing at my door on 20 Jan 2021 with their ridiculous N95 face mask upon their scaly heads, I would not be in my current location, with my current blessings. I would never have summoned the energy to move away from Tyrant County and their fat code enforcement officers.

Thank you, mafioso goon squad and your valet de’ camp officers of the “law”. I know you and yours will be wearing the best face mask, answering only to the most esteemed leaders our paid-off system can offer (extort).

Good riddance. Do not show your face at my location ever again.

It turns out, I was right. The so-called health authorities are trying to kill us. Your services are in league with SATAN.

I hope you find repentance in this life.

FBI Wellness Check.

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