Apocalypse Cabin – Poor Man’s Solar Setup

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Mounting solar panels and running wire.

I got the poor man’s solar setup. Four, one-hundred watt panels, fifty feet of cabling with Anderson connectors, plugged into battery AC inverter.

I’m using 2×4’s for the rails, lifted off the roof with L-brackets and three inch deck screws.

The system I purchased only provides detailed system info through their app. So, I will remain ignorant of the system details like watts per panel, or, if all of the panels are even working.

It’s a big downside of this system, no onboard diagnostic data. They force you to create account and download tracking app. No thank you.

I’m doing a fun initial experiment with the system. I’m running AC window unit at 400 watts. This is about a quarter of the 2000 watts max continuous the device advertises. I’ll see how long it lasts.

Have fun. And get ready. Collapse imminent.


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