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You cannot silence me.
I know now.
The reason you will not let me speak.
The reason people have difficulty comprehending.

The things I say.
It is a spell, a prayer, a certain amount of magic. It may be all magic? I don’t know.

The things I say. It all comes true. To understand my power. It feels like I’m working so hard to get the things I need and desire. But really, all I’ve ever done is manifest, “EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED” : I’ve done this my entire life. Only now realizing that I have this unusual power.

There are countless examples in my life. Just thinking about a thing and it happens. I wanted this or that, certain friends, places to go, experiences I wanted to have. I’ve created entire careers from this power. I’ve entered into and destroyed countless relationships with this power.

The great part about this power? I’m only now being able to claim it as legitimate. My deep concentration, small incantations of prayer and even ritual alter building: ALL of this done by me in a completely subconscious way UNTIL NOW.

Now I know. And it’s a little unsettling. Because now- I’m going to use my power.

I’m going to use it for good. For the good of the people. For the children. I’m going to rid the planet of THE BUG.

Banning The Senses

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