COVID Memoirs of the Working Class

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Calling the bank. Attempting to get mortgage payment deferred. I have enough food to last 14 days. They still allow free access in our designated tract-home sector. School is canceled. The neighbor’s kids are restless. The rosiness in their ignorant cheeks a foreshadow of the sickness to come.

Toilet paper rationing and panic buying has become the default social anecdote.

“What’s the deal with toilet paper?” One neighbor says. “Why are they buying so much toilet paper”.

Everywhere in the city stores have been ransacked, feeding from the same news chum that gets poured into our media streams.

Genetically drawn to the gory carcass of imaginary gods and government bloviating, we gently glide our fat predator bodies through the gruesome muck.

Massive Run On Toilet Paper! Get Yours While Supplies Last!

We all hope it’s not true.  We all dream of endless rolls. We all want what’s best.   

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