Credulity, Commies, and Fake Money at Maximum. Alphabet – Apocalypse Science

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It’s time to release the metaphysical knowledge I have gained through my travails on this material plane.

Listen when I tell you. I have been through the ringer on internet money.

You must listen to what I say.


If your propaganda doesn’t include daily reminders of infinite money for LIZARDz ONLY; Unlimited debt derivatives to nowhere, moon, mars, jupiter, James Webb salami pictures on NASA pinwheel– may the sun explode in our faces.

THE MONEY IS FAKE. The commies have won.

If your talking head attempts to pay itself with Cash App, Paypal, Venmo– all transaction systems on FEDERAL RESERVE NETWORK OF COMMIE DEATH, a swirling drain, too big to fail dookie excrement, flushed into the underworld, irreverently strewn into the fetid sewers below. USA.

If your Youtube/Bitchute/Instagram/Patreon/Amazon/Apple/Microsoft/Samsung fuck-face continues to publish his/her content with plaques of gold and silver in the background, cashapp QR codes proudly displayed, fake money cheques payable in debits, far exceeding credits, a discontinued circus of made-up accounting.


I say to you. Goddamn your money.

Goddamn your money.

Goddamn your money.

It is born of abomination.

The harlot rides a horse with ten heads (UN/Central World Bank), her mascara is running, she is debauched, vanquished.

You say to the harlot, “Can I buy you a drink. You look tired, I don’t care if you’re a whore, cause I’m one too”.

“I accept cash app, I’m suspended on PayPal, cheques from Youtube, Patreon, AirBnB, Amazon, Apple, Too big to fail fake money– USA Techno Commies et. al..”

And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more: USA Commies.

Your fake money is fake.

Commies running the show. USA.

You cannot live comfortably behind enemy lines. Commies everywhere.

USA banking is unaccountable joke.


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