Do you think CERN is a real program? techno space

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Or, a huge Apocalypto set-piece, with Church of Science priest at top, sacrificing virgins and proclaiming A GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM will save us from climate change?

Do we really believe moron particle physics people are hard at work “deciphering the data”, fondling co-eds, and enjoying tenure?

Put your face mask on when entering the particle physics building. Commence S&M ritual to Science.

Take your Higgs Boson and stick it in your arse.

Particle science is ALL SHOW, NO DOUGH.

CERN is fake. Nothing there, there.

It’s NASA for new gen.

Heavy breathing on expensive microphone.

Church of Science.


  1. Nobody can reproduce their “breakthrough results” except other occult science people that “decipher” the same stream of “collision reports”. Results can only be verified at their single facility LHC. Church of Science. Particle physics phakery.

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