Great Expectations by Clif High

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Great Expectations

Apologies to C. Dickens

There are Great Expectations forming now within the global Populace. Humanity is being gradually, persistently, and continuously, overtaken by these Great Expectations.

These Great Expectations have taken my mind also.

These are not dreams. These Expectations are not visions. They are not illusions, nor fantasy. These are Great Expectations that have a deep root-hold on the psyche of those thus affected.

These Great Expectations are like a mind-virus. Not a fake virus as in the covid scamdemic, but a real mind gripping, emotion squeezing, driving force that propels you through your day from the moment the brain cells start vibrating with the thought, “I Expect…”.

Yes, there are many of us in Humanity who do expect. Our projections as to the ‘when’ of our realization of our Great Expectations are different, but we all expect to see it manifest.

I know I do; I have Great Expectations.

I expect to live long enough to see many of the mother WEFfers be executed in public. Afterward, there will be citizen journalists & reputable, reliable doctors, who will examine the corpses of the mother WEFfers & pronounce the realization of our Great Expectations.

I have the Great Expectation of living long enough to witness Klaus Schwab & many of his buddies, maybe even Bill Gates & John Kerry & Obama, be executed.

Maybe it will be a bullet to the head. Maybe it will be a very fitting lethal injection. Probably it will be hanging. This may depend on which group captures the WEFfers first & thus establishes legal control over their destiny.

I have Great Expectations to live long enough to see the enemies of Humanity be killed in a Great Public Spectacle.

It will be a very, very, very, good day, that Day of the realization of Great Expectations.

Millions of us regular humans think this day is not too far off.


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