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It’s a shadow ban. All uploads stuck in “Process and Publish“– forever unavailable to view.

The question is: Why did BITCHUTE ban me?

Here’s the deal. The things that are said in the videos have been repeated on BITCHUTE and other authoritarian platforms (like YouTube) by a myriad of other content creators.

That rules out the actual content that BITCHUTE disagrees with.

I take great pleasure in knowing that my content, directly inline with their Hegelian dialectic plan of world domination, is so offensive to them.

It’s not WHAT I SAY but HOW I SAY IT- that frustrates the enemy.

It’s not the content. It’s the delivery.

The true essence of my art. My birthright.

They can’t stand me. They know I am using their worthless system for my own benefit. They despise me. And I love that.


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