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John Brown is described as a fanatic that helped foment discord between North and South by calling for, “death to the slave holder.” Rather than the much more benign, “free the slave.”
It is reported that John Brown financed the printing and distribution of pamphlets delivered to southern slaves that called for immediate revolt and death to all slave masters.
The argument given in the Negrophobia chapter: Slavery was on its way out and John Brown’s Harper’s Ferry routine only brought fear and resolution.
Resolution in the North was this: We cannot have the Southern states sending their Negros to live with us “FREE PEOPLE” in the North, so we must FREE the Negro in The South so they STAY IN THE SOUTH.
Resolution in the South (according to Charles Adams) was this: We are ready to free our lovely slaves as we can feel the “abolition spirit in the air“. WE CAN ONLY SET OUR SLAVES FREE WHEN THEY ARE PROPERLY EDUCATED AND CAN FIND THEIR WAY IN THIS NEW ECONOMY (Jim Crow) WE ARE BUILDING.
In this description, and with fanatics like John Brown, I cannot disagree.

The regard for slavery as a ravaging horde of FREE PEOPLE without track or enforcement if they were allowed to BE FREE– IS EXACTLY WHAT SHOULD BE EXPECTED and SHOULD NOT BE USED AS AN EXCUSE TO PROLONG ENSLAVEMENT.

I certainly do not disagree that John Brown was an off-the-rails lunatic fanatic. (and probably mind-controlled opposition.)
Yes, THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR was ABOUT MONEY– slavery being used as a kind of emotional hook to justify the dissolution of the Constitution and The United States.

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