Mycology In a Jar

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I’d like to share with you my experience inoculating, sterilizing, redressing for multiple flushes, mycology in a jar.

This will also serve as a kind of reminder to myself. The process can be quite involved. Precise temperature and humidity controls are required. The proper tools: jars, pressure vessel, syringe, fruiting chamber, and substrate need to be acquired, along with the spores you decide to work with.

You should think of each mushroom type a different animal. Each requiring a different set of inputs to calculate. Become familiar with one species and do not assume another will be successful under the same process.

Always be willing to sacrifice your inoculated jars for the sake of experimentation.

Perhaps your method can be improved? Do not be satisfied with current yields. Try new things. Believe different realities. Everything you know is light.

Begin by saying a prayer. You might ask, what is a prayer? A prayer is a time of concentrated reflection. Induce the great focus. Fight the urge to forget or distract. Think about what you are about to attempt. Never assume success. Always predict failure and have a plan in place. Do not let the responsibility of always forming your escape plan beat you down. It’s your responsibility to make a plan.

I am going to assume you already know the details about how this process ACTUALLY works. Search for it. Allow me to speak not on the actual details, but how performing these details in real life, having several different approaches, calculating as many variables as I could foresee, creating plans to succeed– all of the details that you will certainly forget because you have not written them down.

Remain interested

Try new things

Think different thoughts

Read different stuff

Try again

Accept yourself

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